Sunday, September 24, 2006


Finally unpacked! I've moved to southern cali and I just unpacked... sort of. Anywho, I wanted to update my blog for a while but my scanner broke during the move, so I got a new one today. so here are a few drawings I did in the last couple of weeks. no real description is needed, i just did these because i wanted to draw, although i will say that i was really inspired after looking at maschinen krieger's books(thanks for the recommendation anthony). to my peeps and super-interns at f-f5, I want to say it was a pleasure working with you guys and I'm positive that we'll be working together again. Crab'man your "i ain't got time to bleed/don't talk to me" shield worked to perfection, there were points where you even had me convinced to ignore myself...Masterful, masterful indeed.