Monday, September 24, 2007


FINALLY, an update! Sorry for keeping you guys in the dark for such a long time but work and freelance work has gotten me pretty tired the last few months, so now whenever i get free time all i do is veg out on my couch, but all of that is going to change as soon as i get off my couch... anyway here are some concepts i did for the game "Lair". i really learned alot while working there, i had a really talented and great art director, Wayne Lo (who had ALOT of patience with me) and a very talented concept team which consisted of Anthony Ermio and Pat Presly(visit their blogs great stuff there). those guys really helped me and pushed me to become a better artist, i owe alot to those guys. the experience i had there was great and that was only because of the people i worked with. they made it very easy to work there and very hard to leave. i wish wayne good luck with his sculpt because as anthony puts it, "you just tried to recreate one of nature's most dense objects ever found in the universe." and pat, "GAHHHHHHHH!!!"

here is the concept for the "Blood Dragon". this dragon was really a group effort where everybody had a part in the design. this concept here was the initial design.

Koba Kai in his armor

some early sketches for Koba Kai and Atta Kai, i don't know what the deal is with the names but i had alot of fun exploring these characters.

some sketches for Asylian helms.

here's an early sketch of a dragon steam knight. i did the initial sketch and Anthony Ermio did a bad ass refined paint over making it look alot better!

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