Saturday, February 27, 2010

Enough of dat cute shit, time for some WIPs

heres a couple of wip paintings i did after work, hopefully i can come around to finishing them.

this dude is pissed cuz he can't raise his arms without stabbing his own head...well i do work at blizzard, which means bigass spikes on bigass shoulder pads is tha shit!!!!

this little guy was suppose to be death and the idea was to have these clock work gears inside his chest, so when the time came he'd knock your ass out! whut whut!.....except he can't do that cuz i'm too lazy to paint in the gears and finish him...he is sad....

thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For Jona

heres a valentines doodle i did for my lady friend. she luv'd it and i luv her....mannn i got a big head! oh yeah, gung hay fot choy!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Been Awhile....Again

sorry for the long gaps inbetween posts....being lazy is just too easy! well heres a few quick paintings i did after work in the last week or so. trying to paint more and work on my own projects outside of work. anyway ther're my attempt at painting classical monsters. i had alot of fun doing these and i'll probably do more. as my lunch lady says, "hope you enjoy it!"

DracDeezNutz, dracula in his monsterous form. he has fangs and he wants to eat your nutz!

FrankFooter, "johnny 5 is alive"

WolfmanDaDoofman, has a underbite cuz drac teabagged his nostrols...

thanks for coming thru and checking out the paintings and drawings, much appreciated!