Saturday, January 31, 2009

some sketchies

so the cinematic artbook for WOTLK is get a copy!!! heres a link:

on a sadder note bj penn lost tonight, it would've been legendary if he had won but reality thought differently(so did GSP, dudes a machine that keeps getting better...scary). onward to the sketches. heres a few pages from my sketchbook, nothing fancy just stuff i do when i'm on my couch vegging out.

just a random page of noodle doodles

an art fart shart, 'what, what?!'

guess what i was watching when i noodled this? thats riiight the, i'm dumb.

on the road again.....

oh yeah, i want to say a huge congrats to my buddy Dave Apgar, he got a job in Utah as an animator and i know they'll appreciate all his talent, hard work, and perseverance. the mans an animal, i mean literally, he looks like a knuckle dragging chimp...=)

take care, seeya in my next post!