Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WOW! almost a year without a post...lame i know. well things have been pretty busy, work, tv, sleep...awww who am i kidding i'm pretty freaking lazy. a few things though, if you haven't gotten tickets to blizzcon well you might be out of luck. they sold out in like the first hour or so, and i've seen tickets on ebay going for over a grand...crazy! if you do have tickets then you can pick up the special hardcover edition Cinematic's art of book for "The Wraith of the Lich King". the book features art from myself and the rest of the concept team over here in Blizzard's cinematic department, it also goes in depth to the process it took to create the cinematic trailer, World of Warcraft the Wraith of the Lich King. the preproduction, production, and post production...a bunch of goodies in that book. Blizzcon is in october so after the book is out and with the permission of the powers that be, i'll post up some concept art for the cinematic. i had a lot of fun on that project and i'm having a ton of fun on starcraft and diablo, btw if you haven't seen the teaser trailer for diablo 3 check it out it's insane! well anywho heres a few sketchbook pages from my sketchbook, nothing too amazing but it's pretty relaxing working in my own flow and pace, i had fun with these pieces. i have a few more sketches to scan and as soon as i do that i'll have them up here. oh yeah comic con was a blast except for the crowdedness of stinky people, i caught up with a few friends and got punched in the arm by a rowdy christian, good times.

heres some mindless scribbles