Sunday, November 16, 2008


so the game is out and doing well, but the cinematic artbook won't be available till January 09... i thought it would've been out sooner. oh well it'll be worth the wait especially with the amazing artwork put in by the team. while you're waiting here's a few more pieces i did for the cinematic.

like i said in the previous post, i got the chance to update the details on the arthus character. here's a few armor pieces i did. i was given screen grabs of arthus's armor to paint over. here is a comparison of the old arthus belt to the new version i did. i had a blast with these and the modeler(tyler hunter) did an amazing job modeling it. i think he made it look ten times better than whats here!

this heel piece i had to do from scratch i think(it's been awhile). if i remember correctly arthus didn't have a heel piece to begin with, and in this cinematic it starts off with a close up of his boot stepping into frame. because of this they wanted something interesting on his heel...'why not another skull' i said, to which the director replied, "Steve your a genious!! you deserve a raise!!" i happily agreed, then i woke up and was late for work.... yeah still, a skull on the heel is better than nothing...

heres a couple concept pieces for the undead army. in the story boards of the cinematic there are a couple undead warriors that were closer to the camera than the rest . their whole body wasn't shown so that part didn't need to be designed out. what needed to be designed was mostly their upper portions. this guy here was in the midground and the concept following was in the foreground. i didn't design the arms for the foreground character because in the story board they weren't seen(he was pretty close to the camera).

all images in this post are copyright of blizzard entertainment

thats it for now, hope you guys dig it!