Saturday, January 31, 2009

some sketchies

so the cinematic artbook for WOTLK is get a copy!!! heres a link:

on a sadder note bj penn lost tonight, it would've been legendary if he had won but reality thought differently(so did GSP, dudes a machine that keeps getting better...scary). onward to the sketches. heres a few pages from my sketchbook, nothing fancy just stuff i do when i'm on my couch vegging out.

just a random page of noodle doodles

an art fart shart, 'what, what?!'

guess what i was watching when i noodled this? thats riiight the, i'm dumb.

on the road again.....

oh yeah, i want to say a huge congrats to my buddy Dave Apgar, he got a job in Utah as an animator and i know they'll appreciate all his talent, hard work, and perseverance. the mans an animal, i mean literally, he looks like a knuckle dragging chimp...=)

take care, seeya in my next post!


andreas said...

bj winning would have fucked two weight devisions AND his "to the death" was weird!

great sketches =)

Nikki Lukas said...

Nice sketches super Steve!!

Illink said...

These are great.

Robot-Legionaire said...

Outstanding. Your marks are righteous!

Jesse Lee said...

Love the sketches, Steve!

Peter Gikandi said...

Some really neat work here, Stevo.

Gabriele Pasqualino said...

looking sweet man !

steve hui said...
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steve hui said...

thanks for the comments everybody!

andreas - thanks for the compliment. hopefully bj will learn from the loss and come back stronger.

Nikki - thanks nikki, i visited your blog and your sketches and paintings are getting so much stronger! it's awesome seeing your progess.

lllink - thank you, always a pleasure having you visit here!

Robo - awesome to finally meet you in person! we should visit pat next and see what we can steal from the ranch >=)

jesse lee - what more can i say, you make me proud to be asian.

Peter - yo! great to hear from ya, canada must be treating you well cuz your paintings are looking freaking awesome dude.

Gabriele - thanks for the comment Gabriele, much appreciated!

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

really nice sketches

Bryan Wynia said...

Can't wait to get my copy of the book. Congrats man! Great new images as well.

pablo pablo said...

Very good, nice style!

anima-base said...

I orderd this cinematic art book a moth ago, I received this book yesterday.
I'm happy to find some your brillant artworks in this book.
It's great.

Would you link my blog your favorite blog list.

steve hui said...

george - thanks for the comment, you have an inspiring blog i visit often. =)

bryan - thanks bryan! i hope you'll enjoy the book man.

pablo pablo - thanks for visiting and thank you for the comment!

anima-base - i'm glad you like the book, it means alot! hopefully we'll be able to do more with the different projects going on here. again thanks!

Icarus Crane said...

great sketches!!!
I like it!!

moodumjiki said...

Wow I love it...:-