Thursday, February 04, 2010

Been Awhile....Again

sorry for the long gaps inbetween posts....being lazy is just too easy! well heres a few quick paintings i did after work in the last week or so. trying to paint more and work on my own projects outside of work. anyway ther're my attempt at painting classical monsters. i had alot of fun doing these and i'll probably do more. as my lunch lady says, "hope you enjoy it!"

DracDeezNutz, dracula in his monsterous form. he has fangs and he wants to eat your nutz!

FrankFooter, "johnny 5 is alive"

WolfmanDaDoofman, has a underbite cuz drac teabagged his nostrols...

thanks for coming thru and checking out the paintings and drawings, much appreciated!



Derek said...

Very Nice! Its ok to be lazy if your work is this epic :D

Toastage said...

It's so good to see you posting again. Do it regularly and you'll receive a complimentary e-cookie :D

But this stuff is wicked. Have you been drawing lots of Deathwings recently? :D

Jesse Lee said...

these are legendary!

Khang said...

I think it's fair to say it was well worth the long ass wait for your update.

aermio said...

holy nuts, these are sick! you forgot to paint the black foot monster.

Dave McNeal said...


fatjester said...

Soooo gooood.

Ahed Khatib said...

These are brilliant! I really dig these! especially the lighting on Frankfooter, great way to push that horror aspect!

Phattro said...

so bad ass u get special "cookies" for that. ;)

Phattro said...

...and oh if u doing a Blackfoot monster...make sure he stepping on the Uni-brow's face.

steve hui said...

hey thanks for the comments guys!

Derek ~ thanks alot, very much appreciated buddy!

Toastage ~ thanks, hopefully we can get the rest of the guys to post more on the draft monkeys' blog! and yeah i've done quite a few deathwing sketches, i was the primary designer for him and i did the illus. for the WOW Cataclysm website with mathais(M@) helping out with the background and the blizzard web team helping with the mound hes perched on.

Yesse Ree ~ the only thing legendary around here is the asain blood that courses through your veins making you the most powerful white guy i know! and yeah the last few post you put up on your blog is kick ass as well!

Khang ~ lol, thanks dude, i'm glad it was worth that long ass wait=) and your sketches kick major ass!

aermio ~ sup mang! thanks, anytime i need inspiration i just go to your blog and look at your sick ass paintings and sketches. yeah i'm getting around to that booger beast too. lol

Dave McNeal ~ sup dave how goes it? i'm always inspired by your hard work man, keep it up and keep the inspiration going for me=)

fatjester ~ thanks man i visited your blog and was blown away! very very nice caricatures, that bobby chiu schoolism is really producing some wonderful talent!

Ahed Khatib ~ thanks for coming through and i'm loving the environments and paintings on your blog!

Phattro ~ well speak of the devil, if it isn't the 'go crazy on an airliner' cookie dealer himself, ha ha jk. thanks pat, hope things are going well for you and i'll keep your recomendation in mind.=P btw i love the plein air paintings on your blog.

well thanks again guys!

MGLDyson said...

Good lord, I love your stuff... your marks, palette, silhouettes, and lighting are very inspiring.

Chris Ocampo said...

whoa, i dig them all, but that frankfooter is extra ferocious.

Colin Fix said...

This are sick Steve Hui. The FrankFooter image is friggin' amazing. Nice job!

Lorraine LeBer Rocha said...

Hui! Ya messin' wit mah mode, mang! The Frankenfooter is frankenfreaky. I love that guy!

Ariel Alvarez said...

awesome stuff, hoping you do some more of these monsters!

moodumjiki said...

Good lighting, composition
and superb expression on Face.

I love the Green Dude.

Wayne Lo said...

nice stuff steveO!

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