Friday, December 19, 2008

Ho, ho, hoe?

Poor Santa....

Have a safe and happy holidays!!

thanks for the help bernie.


Bryan Wynia said...

Great work as always man. Love the colors and expressions. Happy Holidays!

Illink said...

This is hot man!lol I would hate to be Santa. Have a Happy Holidays!

anima Base said...

WOW.that's great.
I wish Merry christmas and happy new year~

K said...

Merry Christmas Steve! It doesn't get any naughtier than intergalactic domination, or does it?

Robot-Legionaire said...

Righteous! You have a great Holiday man see you later.

Nikki Lukas said...

Merry Christmas Super Steve!!

Jesse Lee said...

that's awesome, scuba steve!

danomatik said...

I dig your paintings and the texture you get in the rendering!!
The thumbnails are rad-tastic also!

Question!----> How do you colorize the grayscale thumbnails??!?
Do you color on top right over the gray rendering or do you somehow use a special magic method of infusing color into the gray rendering??

seamas without pants said...

wow--great stuff--! really dig all the WOTLK pieces--very tasty!

Phattro said...

Nice! Hope You have an awesome new year dude!

steve hui said...

- bryan - thanks man, happy holidays to you too!

- Illink - thanks, santa luvs that kinky shit

- anima base - Merry christmas and happy new year, back atcha.

- K - merry christmas khang! i dunno, if it does please let me know.=)

- RoboLegion - thanks for the kind words, hopefully we'll catch up on one of these weekends.

- Nikki - tha naughty one! hope you had a great holiday break and drew some more puppies wit rainbows coming out of their butts!

- Yesse Ree - the greatest asian man i know...that is all.

- danomatik - theres a couple of ways that i colorize my thumbnails(in photoshop), one is to select the layer the thumbnail is on and press cntrl U, this should bring up the hue/saturation menu, and if you look in the lower right hand side there is a box called colorize, check that and it'll change the thumbnail from black and white to a very basic base color. from there i chose what my base color is going to be and i just paint on top of the image.
another method is to bring the thumbnail to a finish in grayscale and then painting(like glazing) over the top of it with a different types of color property layers.
theres a ton of different methods to do this, just find one that your comfortable with and run with it.=)

- seamus without pants - thanks for the kind words, your blog is filled with awesomeness! thanks for stopping by.

- phattro - back atcha man! i hope your holidays went well. i love the bugs you drawing up. hope things are going well for you man.

thanks for all the comments guys, i hope you all had a safe and happy holiday.

HICKS the only guy who survived aliens said...

dude ur work is great, i will follow u..., u have my allegiance..

Jesse Lee said...

hey, the cinematics book.. excuse me, THE BOOK of STEVE-

so nice! great work, steve.

Tim Heitz said...

Thanks Steve-

I'm diggin the Santa (and everything else as well for that matter).

Keep on keepin on.

Ps--"the soulless ginger?"....

jason hazelroth said...

thats so messed up its awesome. I like how evil the girl looks