Saturday, February 28, 2009

samu tha suckah'rai

a wip/speedpaint, hope to come back and refine this piece.


Phattro said...

Snap! its damn windy in that painting. Nice speedy paint Hui.

Phil said... grew out your hair eh?

hahaha good stuff man

aermio said...

nice sketch. can't wait to see this finished.

Robot-Legionaire said...

Good structure on the face going to be a nice piece

Jesse Lee said...

i love the quick brushwork....feels energetic.

Tony Bui said...

You always got me coming back for more. Like Mcdonalds.

Johanna Enriquez said...

Great piece Steve! Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

steve hui said...

thanks for the comments guys!

phattro ~ yeah it's like mr sulu grew his hair out and stood in the middle of a tornado.

phil ~ phillll!! how ya been buddy! i wish i grew my hair out like that, then i'd dred'em up and shake e 40 says, shake dem dreds!!

aermio ~ my boy tony parker aka the brown sound. whud up loonie b, thanks for the comment, your sketches are looking dope as always.

robo legion ~ thanks man, hopefully i can post more like yourself, you paint like a mad man and it's paying off!

yesse ree ~ the perfect asian, nuff said'

bah bah bui ~ thanks man i miss the smell of the vietcong ham in your hair.

johanna ~ you're pretty!!

Armando said...

Bad azz!

steve hui said...

thanks armando!